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Terms and Conditions
PALScourse.com guarantees 100% satisfaction to any individual who has enrolled in the course and completed it with satisfactory scores. Should an individual be dissatisfied for any reason after ordering a PALS or ACLS course, they may notify our staff before submitting their answer selection for the online exam and receive an immediate, full reimbursement. Those who receive their digital certification cards will be unable to seek a reimbursement as the certificate documentation our staff send out cannot be entirely retrieved once it is sent. It is up to the individual to verify the requirements of their employer or organization before purchasing our programs.

We are confident in the course materials and resources provided as well as the quality reputation built through ethical practices. While we strive to ensure the highest level of satisfaction, we do accept and understand that there are unique situations that occur with any business which require competent facilitation in order to resolve. We therefore require all applicants who enroll and order our courses to allow our staff to attempt to resolve or assist any discrepancies or concerns that may arise in the present or future.

PALScourse.com provides web-based testing programs that allow individuals to earn a certification card that states they have passed our exam. The certificate is not specifically endorsed by the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association (AHA) does not accredit or endorse any entirely online program. We advise all candidates who are interested in receiving web-based certification to verify with their employment or school advisor if they will accept this type of certificate.

PALScourse.com accepts no responsibility in the event a graduate of our exam provides negligent services to a patient or anyone by whom requires medical attention of them. Our organization makes no claims that the course is intended to be perceived as all-inclusive for Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support learning and procedural instruction.

We insist applicants and any person considering PALS certification review current study guides that meet the 2005 ECC guidelines, consider the program offered through AHA providers as well as local classes that teach disciplinary skills with real-life training. Those who order our courses at www.palscourse.com relinquish any and all obligatory responsibility or fault of Critical Care Training for any and all actions among which but are not limited to; incompetence, injury or loss of life that result from any contact with an infant, child, person or any living thing. Furthermore, by ordering either of the certification courses, you take full responsibility in your actions and hold no liability to Critical Care Training through www.palscourse.com whatsoever. We also suggest you conduct additional learning excercises to enhance your understanding of emergency pediatric prehospital and hospital stabilization and cognitive training.