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  AHA PALS CD Course  
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For those individuals who are required to complete an AHA-endorsed PALS course, we suggest ordering the official HeartCode PALS CD package which has been created by the American Heart Association. This program is the most flexible and cost efficient way of obtaining your AHA-endorsed PALS provider card.

To complete this online self-learning program you will be required to successfully finish the cognitive portion of the program including patient scenarios and multiple choice questions as well as successfully complete the in-person skills evaluation with an AHA PALS Instructor. This software can be successfully run on current PC computer systems. When passed, this CD course will allow you to avoid taking the 2-day class and only have to pass the in-person skills evaulation to receive your AHA Pals provider card.

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  • AHA CD Course For ACLS
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If your employer or organization require you to have an AHA ACLS provider card, you can now order the official AHA ACLS CD course and quickly complete your requirements online. Upon a passing score you will need only to complete your skills evaluation in person to receive your AHA provider card. Don't take the 2-day class when you can quickly finish the requirements from the comfort of your work or home computer! This software is compatible with almost every current computer operating system.

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