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For Frequently Asked Questions About The ACLS Exams, CLICK HERE General Questions About Our Online PALS Courses
Q: Will this course allow me to earn my certification?
A: Yes. If you pass either of the two programs offered online, you will receive a digital and hard copy PALS provider card which acknowledges your successful completion of the exam.

Q: How long does this certification stay active?
A: Certification cards sent to individuals who have passed either course will stay active for 2 years. The cards have an issue and expiration date as are standard on medical certificate cards. View example PALS card

Q: What is your accreditation status?
A: Our courses are endorsed by the North American Medical Certification Committee of Advisors (NAMCCA). NAMCCA was created with the purpose of setting a precident for online medical certification courses by ensuring they uphold current medical guidelines that are accepted through traditional offline teaching.

Q: Will I receive continuing education credit after passing the exam?
A:Yes. You will either receive 4 CEUs for recertification or 8 CEUs for certification. CEUs are awarded by NAMCCA and follow current CEU protocol in that they be awarded based on the average hours of participation or preparation that is required to successfully pass each exam.

Q: What do I need in order to complete this course?
A: You will need a working email address, home address, phone number and a credit card to pay for the course.

Q: Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?
A: Yes. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for more details. Each individual receives 100% satisfaction with the acheivement and certification they've earned through our courses.

Q: If I pass the course, will I receive a certificate from the American Heart Association (AHA)?
A: No. While our programs directly correlate with the guidelines and course content provided through the American Heart Association, the only way you can earn certification from AHA is to pass their course in person at a local AHA-designated facility monitored by AHA instructors. It is your responsibility to determine the requirements of your employer or organization.

Q: Am I required to be current with my previous certification to be eligible?
A: No. You may obtain certification or recertification whether you're a first-time applicant or your certificate is expired.

Q: Does your program require I complete an on-site skills evaluation?
A: No. You are not required to attend an on-site clinical skills evaluation in order to complete our PALS certification or recertification exams and earn your provider card.

Q: How quickly will I hear from you after submitting my answer selection?
A: Our staff will grade your answer selection within one business day of receiving them unless you've selected the rush review option. They will then immediately respond when complete to the email provided with your test outcome and attached PALS provider card if you've passed.

Q: What happens when I pass or fail the test?
A: If you pass the PALS test, our staff will attach a digital copy of your certification credentials and card along with confirmation of a hard copy certificate card being mailed. If you do not pass the course, our staff will advise your score and incorrect answers and allow one retake for free. Additional retakes are $25 each attempt.

Q: How do I contact your administrative staff?
A: You can contact our staff through our quick contact form on the CONTACT US page. Include a working phone number and general times you are available along with your questions or inquiries and if you require a phone call follow up. Please allow up to 24 hours for one of our representatives to reach you. Typically we can respond to individuals the same day, and in most cases, within a few hours from the contact request.

Q: Is there a time limit applied to the test?
A: No. Our online PALS test programs are designed to be taken at a pace that works with your schedule. The test questions can be printed for your convenience. Once you are ready, complete the test answer form and submit for our staff to review.

* If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please CLICK HERE so that you may contact our administrative staff who will be happy to assist your needs. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to follow up with you either via email or phone.