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To learn more about how the ACLS online programs work, CLICK HERE How Our Program Works:
PALScourse.com provides a unique opportunity for those who are interested in earning their PALS certification or renewal quickly from their computer. This page is dedicated to explaining how our programs operate and the requirements of each applicant who chooses to order them. Below is a list of general obligations of applicants and explanation of program features. We suggest you bookmark our website as it is updated on a frequent basis. Please CLICK HERE to contact our staff if you have a question or suggestions regarding the web-based programs.
  1. The PALS certification and PALS recertification programs can ONLY be taken online.

  2. You are not required to attend an on-site clinical skills evaluation in order to complete our PALS certification or recertification exams.

  3. After ordering either of the exams you will immediately be sent via email the instructions and access links to the test questions and answer form.

  4. Applicants who order either program will receive 2 attempts to pass the online test. Should you need additional attempts, you will be required to purchase a $25 retake for each next attempt, which will cover the review process performed by our staff.

  5. You are encouraged to prepare with online and/or offline PALS study material. We do not offer an online preparatory course for either exam as we prefer applicants study with the official AHA PALS provider manual.

  6. There is no time limit for either of our exams. Take the testing module at your own pace according to what best fits your schedule. Once complete, submit the answers to our staff for review.

  7. Those who order our PALS programs must achieve at least an 80% score to be awarded their PALS certification card.

  8. The programs each consist of 50 multiple choice questions that have 4 potential answers with only 1 answer being correct for each question.

  9. Applicants who successfully pass either program will immediately be sent, via email, a digital certificate that is designed to be printed and saved in your records. A hard copy PALS card will be sent in the mail according to the shipping option chosen during the order process.

  10. The PALS certificate cards will have an issue and expiration date along with the full name of the individual who has earned the health credential. PALS cards expire after exactly 2 years from the issue date and you will be required to perform the recert class, should you desire to maintain eligibility of your medical credentials.