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Are you looking for alternatives to a local Wisconsin PALS course? If so, we encourage you to enroll in our PALS online courses to earn your Pediatric Advanced Life Support certificate quickly and entirely from your computer. You do not have to attend local Wisconsin PALS skills testing or training classes in order to earn the PALS certification or PALS recertification through our website. You need only successfully finish either of the two online PALS courses to earn your certificate credentials. If you are ready to begin either of the PALS programs, Click Here


You can now locate offices of your local Wisconsin American Heart Association (AHA) providers to learn more about PALS courses and exam training testing in your area. These AHA members can assist your request for general information that relates to medical certification and the requirements that are needed in order to successfully earn the credentials. Whether you are located in Green Bay, Madison or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can now use this detailed contact info above to discuss with knowledgeable advisors who will help in your local PALS exam research.