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If you would like to consider a faster and more practical alternative to local testing, choose our PALS online course provider tests. You can test either your PALS recertification or certification online and and from the comfort of your home or office. Our PALS courses test according to an accelerated curriculum that follows the American Heart Assocation and its' certified exam. We provide the integrity you'd expect while contributing a more practical means so that you may complete and receive your PALS certification quickly. If you are prepared to take either of the PALS online courses, Click Here


The American Heart Association (AHA) provides PALS services and local testing in South Dakota. The main headquarters is currently in Jamestown, North Dakota. If you desire to take the Pediatric Advanced Life Support course from this location or other destinations in South Dakota, we advise you contact a representative or instructor to further assist your PALS certification specifications. Every state offers PALS providers who can facilitate PALS certification and recertification testing at approved, state-designated test locations.