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If you should prefer to take the PALS course online, you can now do so with our programs that follow the most current 2005 ECC guidelines. Whether you need to renew your PALS certification or you're a first time applicant, our programs offer both credentials needed. Complete you PALS recertification or standard certification course entirely online and without a time limit. Once finished, submit your answers to our administrators for score assessment. We offer fast course opportunities where you can receive your certificate via email within 24 hours and hard copy card in less than a week. If you are ready to begin either course, Click Here


There are four main local AHA providers in the state of Pennsylvania that can be contacted for questions regarding local PALS courses, providers and course testing facility location details. Whether you're interested in taking the PALS test in Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Chambersburg or York Pennsylvania, we're sure these American Heart Association instructors will be able to provide accurate recommendations and insight to assist your specific requests.