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If you prefer to take a PALS online course instead of attending classes in Oklahoma, we recommend you to look into our PALS certification programs. These test courses can be finished entirely from your computer and if you pass, you will earn your PALS certification or recertification. Our courses are crafted for those who lead a busy lifestyle and need to earn their credentials quickly. Now you can earn your PALS certification or renewal online through our acclaimed programs. Each testing battery is contrived of fifty questions with multiple choice answers to choose from. If you'd like to enroll in either of our PALS courses, Click Here


Contact your local (AHA) American Heart Association provider to determine where you should take the PALS course in your Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma surrounding regions. These AHA counselors may also be able to direct you to PALS courses in Oklahoma, where you can improve your techniques and speak with other Pediatric Advanced Life Support providers and applicants. Get started with your PALS certification by using this contact info or researching more local resources online.