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You can earn your PALS certification online through our courses if you prefer a more pratical way to receive your PALS certificate card; via email and hard copy. You can obtain your PALS renewal as well through our online test exam. These courses were created to fit the busy lives of those who do not have the time or desire to enroll in local classes and certitication programs. You can now receive your certification online and from the comfort of your home or office! No skills pretesting or local attendance is required to pass our program. If you would like to order your the PALS certification or recertification courses, Click Here


Take the Detroit and Grand Rapids American Heart Association (AHA) contact information above to find local Pediatric Advanced Life Support courses and test providers. Additionally, you can consult with these representatives who can help you to locate other Michigan AHA-certified PALS course locations or training instructors. PALS training employs lessons that will teach applicants through hands-on instruction and workshop classes. Find Michigan PALS course program resources online to prep you for the local test you will be required to attend.