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If you are interested in learning about other options than local Massachuesets PALS testing programs, consider our online PALS courses which will allow you to quickly earn your certification. The PALS certificate exam was crafted around the same principles taught and tested on in the actual AHA PALS course. This accelerated program is for those who want to earn their PALS certificate in a short period of time. If you pass, you will receive the PALS certification cards via email and hard copy cards through the mail. If you are ready to start the online PALS program, Click Here


Above you can find a selection of AHA locations in Massachusetts that can assist your Pediatric Advanced Life Support questions and interest. You should be able to learn where you can take a local PALS test program in Bershire, Arlington and Dukes areas in Massachusetts. There are many local PALS provider courses where you can consult and learn to prep and expound your understanding. Obtain the information you need so that you will be able to complete your AHA-approved PALS certification when you attend the exam.