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If you prefer to complete your PALS certification or recertification online, you now have that option. You can order either course on your computer and take at a pace that makes sense with your personal lifestyle. The PALS courses are fast and made up of fifty questions that include multiple choice answer options. You may print the question segment and study before finishing the answer portion. Certificate cards are sent digitally and in hard copy form through the mail. If you are ready to begin the PALS testing, Click Here


Get prepared to take the Idaho PALS certification exam by contacting your local AHA providers. Learn where you can take the Idaho PALS courses or find a skills pretest class group to study with. The American Heart Association designates local providers of the Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Find out how you can enroll in classes where you can learn hands-on elements of proper PALS procedural facilitation and to improve your success potential.