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Should you prefer a faster and more practical alternative to local testing, consider our PALS online course provider programs. You can test either for your PALS certification or for your PALS recertification online. Our PALS courses test according to an accelerated format which is based on the official AHA-certified exam. We provide the integrity you'd expect but offer the practical means so that you may complete and receive your PALS certification quickly and from the convenience of your home or office. If you are ready to begin either PALS course, Click Here


The American Heart Association has offices and provider facilities throughout Georgia. As shown above, they have branches in the Athens, Columbus and Augusta regions. Should you desire to take the Pediatric Advanced Life Support course from these locations or other destinations in Georgia, we suggest you contact a representative from the info provided to further assist your PALS certification needs. Every state offers PALS providers who facilitate PALS certification and recertification courses at state-designated locations.