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If you are looking for an alternative to local California PALS testing and course provision, consider our online PALS program which allows you to quickly earn your certification. The PALS certificate course is designed around the same principles taught and tested on in the actual AHA PALS course. Our accelerated program can be completed in a short period of time and if you pass, you will receive your PALS certification cards via email. When you are ready to begin the online PALS program, Click Here


Above is a brief selection of a number of AHA locations in California that can assist your Pediatric Advanced Life Support questions and interest. From them you may learn where you can take a local PALS course in Los Angeles, Sacremento, San Diego and Fresno areas. There are many local PALS provider classes where you will be able to prep and expound your understanding. Get the information you need so that you can earn your AHA-approved PALS certification in California.