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If you would like to take a PALS online course, we encourage you to look into our certificate programs. Our programs can be finished entirely from you computer and if you pass, you will receive your PALS certification or recertification. Our online courses provide a practical opportunity for those who lead an active lifestyle. Now you can quickly complete you PALS qualifications online through our recognized courses. Each of the two exams consist of fifty questions with multiple choice answer options. If you are ready to take our online programs, Click Here

Greater Pierce and Thurston Counties
708 Broadway Suite 330
Tacoma, WA 98402
phone: (253) 272-7854 or
(877) 655-0489
fax: (253) 627-1035

King County, Washington - Greater Snohomish County, Washington
710 2nd Ave, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104
phone: (206) 632-6881
(888) 440-2328
fax: (206) 525-7645

  Inland Northwest
140 S Arthur Suite 610
Spokane, WA 99202
phone: (509) 536-1500
(800) 536-1314
fax: (509) 536-1515

Contact your local AHA provider to learn where you can take a PALS course in your Spokane, Tacoma and Seattle locations. These AHA (American Heart Association) instructors may also be able to help you find local Washington PALS classes, where you can brush up on techniques and speak with other Pediatric Advanced Life Support professionals. Get ready to earn your Washington PALS certification by using the above contact resources or researching more online.