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If you would rather complete your PALS certification or recertification online, we provide that opportunity. You can finish either course from your computer and take at the pace that fits your personal lifestyle. Our online PALS courses are fast and made up of fifty questions each. You may print the question portion of the exam and study before completing the answer portion. Certificate cards are standard and sent digitally and a hard copy through USPS mail. If you are ready to start the PALS testing, Click Here

Clark County Division
2355 Red Rock Street, Suite 103
Las Vegas, NV 89146
phone: (702) 367-1366
fax: (702) 367-1975
  Reno Division
1281 Terminal Way
Ste. 111
Reno, NV 89502
phone: (775) 322-7065
fax: (775) 322-8959

Get ready to take the Nevada PALS certification exam by consulting with your local AHA providers. Learn where you can take the Nevada PALS courses in the Clark County or Reno areas. Find a skills pretest class group to study with if you desire additional preparation before the exam. The American Heart Association designates local providers that are approved for Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification. Find out where to take these classes and where you can learn hands-on elements of proper PALS procedural facilitation and stabalization techniques.