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New York City Region
122 East 42nd Street 18th Floor
New York, NY 10168
phone: (212) 878-5900
fax: (212) 878-5960

Mid-State Region
59 Court Street, 4th Floor
Binghamton, NY 13901
phone: (607) 723-0208
fax: (607) 724-1875

Northeastern Region
440 New Karner Road
Albany, NY 12205
phone: (518) 869-4042
fax: (518) 869-8180

  Central Region
120 Lomond Court
Utica, NY 13502
phone: (315) 797-8906
fax: (315) 732-6563

Rochester Division
3500 Winton Place, Suite 4
Rochester, NY 14623
phone: (585) 426-4050
fax: (585) 426-1312


You can use the above contact info to find out more about PALS classes and course providers in New York. The contact details are for the American Heart Association local offices in Rochester, Albany, Binghamtom, Utica and New York City. If you are ready to take the AHA certified PALS testing exam, choose the closest location above and contact one of these instructors who can help you with local PALS course providers and class preparation resources.